Control Organ

Control Organ

The Copylink Ltd. Control Organ of type "C" is established in 2003 and is accredited from the Bulgarian Accreditation Agency in 2006 with 215 OKC, and during 2017 the Control Organ is reacredited from IA BSA with document № А 230/30.06.2017г, with validity untill 15.09.2018. Furthermore, A documented quality system is implemented in accordance with BNS EN ISO/IEC17020:2012.

For the successful implementation of its duties the Control Organ at Copylink Ltd. possesses highly qualified specialists that have gained the needed education and experience. A condition to the new and also to the existing Control Organ team members, besides the flawless education is the impeccable acquaintance with all of the norm documentations needed. Furthermore, professional precision equipment and measuring devices are available for our employees in order for them to provide excellent service.

The Control Organ employees of Copylink Ltd. take part in regular educational programs respectively for gaining different certificates.

The services that Copylink Ltd. provides are as follows:

  • Control of the Physical factors of the working environment.
  • Control of the Chemical factors of the working environment.
  • Control of Electrical Systems up to 1000 V.
  • Control of Ventilation instalations.

Please visit the Control Organ website of Copylink Ltd.

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