Our Team

Our Team

There is a difference between the concepts of team and staff. We in Copylink Ltd. are happy to be qualified as a team. What we offer to our customers is quality, speed and adequateness thanks to the well developed mechanism for communication between our business units.

Specialists at Copylink Ltd. have the necessary experience and qualifications which enables us to efficiently and reliably implement corporate procurement and service of large administrations and end users as well. We believe that the team manages the company with competence, courtesy, responsiveness and respect towards the customers to ensure prompt and efficient service. We solve problems promptly, accurately and properly. The team of Copylink Ltd. has developed and maintains quality and integrity in its customer service, in line with loyalty in partnerships and honesty in relationships. The company policies and the efficiency of its employees provide quality and comprehensive service and create lasting partnerships.

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Copylink Ltd. - office equipment and supplies, occupational medicine service and control organ - complete solutions for successful businesses.

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